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Customize invoices with

  • Client Information
  • Business Information and LOGO
  • Product or Service price, Quantity or Description

Client Management

  • Create unlimited contacts for your invoices
  • Client Auto-Fill for your invoices
  • Save Names, Phone Numbers, Email, Home Address

Invoice Management

  • Ready-to-Send PDF Invoices
  • Keep track of all Invoicing history
  • Auto-Fill information

Business Management

  • Access your account anywhere in the world at any time
  • Add multiple business accounts for a small fee
  • Safe history in your account
  • Create multiple "Ready to Send" Invoices

Point of Sale Customization

  • Point of Sale Consulting, Call us to develop your own point of sale system, tailored to your business needs and clientele.

Who Are We?

Paperless is a forward thinking team of university students from across the campus. From Art and science students to engineering graduates. Paperless.ca is committed to developing modern solutions to help all kinds of business owners.


Reducing paper cost and consumption is only the tip of the iceberg. We want to help you build trust with your customers. Send more than just an invoice, send a strong and powerful message.

Our mission is to help smart business owners make an impact with each transaction.


Our commitment to growth and sustainability is at the core of the paperless values. Starting with responsible transactions, and heading towards responsible goods.

Paperless.ca shares the passion and desire to make this world a better place.


Tell your customers who you are as a business. Let customer know what you did with a regular invoice, tell your community what you can with a paperless invoice.


Our commitment to you starts here. Contact us to develop more business solutions or simply to discuss how your business can show-off even more with paperless invoices.


  • Turn your invoice into an invoice with a mission
  • Paperless Invoice remember your customers, products and services.
  • Auto-fill the information. Create a .pdf format of your invoices.
  • Customize Invoices slowly and in less than 30 seconds.


  • Auto-Fill for Clients, Product and Services
  • Add Descriptions and your LOGO directly on the INVOICE
  • Save Business and Contact information for Free
  • 30-day free trial